Frequently Asked Questions

Can your band learn specific songs for my wedding/event?

We can always learn a few special requests provided we are told ahead of time.

Can your band Emcee for the event?

Our charismatic vocalist is very comfortable Emceeing any event.

Can your band play recorded music during breaks?
How long are breaks?

We can run any music you like through our sound system during breaks. The easiest thing to do is to provide us with an iPod (or a similar music player) with a prepared playlist. We can also select music for you, if you prefer. A 15 minute break is taken every hour.

Can you play music during cocktail hour/dinner?

We offer instrumental jazz or light love songs during cocktail hour/dinner.

What are your electrical requirements?

Two independent grounded outlets are sufficient. We provide our own extension cords when necessary.

How much space does your band require?

20ft x 10ft within a reasonable distance to outlets.

Will I need to arrange a meal for the band?

Though it is customary to provide meals for the band during a wedding or similar formal event, it is not required. During a four-hour event, the band will have to eat at some point, whether or not the meal is provided by the event.

Does your band play songs other than those listed?

We try to keep our song list updated, so it is constantly expanding. We are always happy to learn a few special requests for our clients.

Will the band help me organize my event?

Part of our service to make sure that everything runs smoothly and on-schedule so that everyone has a good time. We can – and actually prefer – to help you organize a timeline of events as it helps us better plan our performance.


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